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Emergency & Important Numbers
Civic Information Numbers,   Emergency Numbers,   New Immigration Information Numbers
Detectives,   International Students & Immigration Consultants,   Lawyers,   Notary Public
Food & Beverages
Chinese Restaurants,   Japanese Cuisine,   Korean Restaurants,   Southeast Asian Restaurants,   Western-style Restaurants,   Buffets,   Fast Food Restaurants,   Vegetarian Restaurants,   Coffee/Tea Shops/Desserts,   Bakeries,   Liquor Stores,   Wineries,   Gen-seng/Choice Seafood Shops,   Farms,   Food Manufactures,   Food Supplies,   Restaurant Equipment,   Retail & Wholesale,   Tea Retail,   Others
Real Estate
Realtors,   Property Inspections,   Burglar/Security,   Property Decoration Companies,   Doors/Windows/Fences,   Window Curtains & Window Screens,   Carpets & Flooring,   Cabinets,   Glass & Mirrors,   Paints & Supplies,   Air Conditioning & Heating,   Plumbing,   Gardening & Landscaping,   Builders & Contractors,   Building Designers,   Interior Design,   Property Management,   Building Supplies,   Cemeteries & Services
Health & Medicine
Family Doctors,   Therapy,   Dentists,   Chinese Doctors,   Hospitals,   Laboratories,   Drugstores,   Chinese Medicine,   Veterinarians,   Acupunctures,   Nursing,   Senior Nursing,   Physiatrics,   Cosmetic Surgeons,   Health Foods,   Opticians & Optical Shops,   Medical Equipment,   Others
Home & Garden
Interior Decoration & Renovation,   Movers,   Laundry & Dry Cleaners,   Cleaning Services,   Pipeline Cleaning,   Snow Removal,   Pest Control Service,   Locksmiths & Keys,   Computer Repair,   Electronic Equipment & Supplies Repairing,,   Disposal Services,   Water Filters & Purification,   Air Purifiers,   Others
Stores and Service
Shopping mall,   Supermarkets,   Gift Shops,   Electronic Equipment,   Furniture Stores,   Housewares,   Toy & Supplies,   Bookstores,   Arts & Crafts,   Office Equipment & Supplies,   Office Furnitures,   Audio-Visual Equipment,   Kitchen Supplies & Accessories,   Lighting,   Florists,   Photographers & Photo Finishing,   Copy Centres,   Pet Store,   Clocks & Watches,   Hardware,   Piano & Musical Instruments,   Pawn Shops,   Aquariums,   Cups & Medals,   Others
Education & Career Training
Daycares,   Chinese Language Schools/Tutoring,   Elementary & Secondary Schools,   Pre-Schools,   Language/English Schools/Tutoring,   mathematics/Physics/Chymistry Tutoring,   Fine Art Training,   Music/Piano Training,   Dancing Training,   Sports/Martial Arts Training,   Computer Training,   Other Training/Tutoring,   Libraries,   Colleges,   Colleges & Universities,   Education Consultants,   Vocational Training,   Employment Agencies
Apparel & Fashion
Cosmetics & Hairdressers,   Fashion,   Jewellers Stores,   Cosmetics Stores,   Shoes/Hats,   Furs & Leather Goods,   Bridal & Wedding Services,   Tailors,   Brede,   Uniforms & Textiles,   Others
Travel Agencies,   Hotels & Motels,   Taxi,   Parks/Botanical Gardens/Recreation Centres,   Museum,   Bed & Breakfast,   Resorts
Automobile & Driving
Automobile Dealers,   Automobile Driving Instructors,   Automobile Mechanical & Body Repairs,   Car Towing,   Automobile Accessories,   Automobile Rentals,   Automobile Beauty,   Automobile Washing & Polishing,   Traffic Tickets,   Others
Sports & Recreation
Bicycles,   Billiard & Snooker Pool,   Bowling Pools,   Fishing & Equipment,   Fitness & Health Clubs,   Golf,   Hunting & Guns,   Ski Resorts,   Sporting Goods,   Sports Activities
Auto & Transportation
Airlines,   Boat Dealers/Rentals/Accessories,   Express Delivery Service,   Mailing Services,   Passenger Transport,   Shipping Services
Bars,   Casinos,   Cinemas & Theaters,   Karaoke Bars,   Video Games,   Video/DVD/VCD Stores & Rentals,   Others
Accountants & Tax Services,   Banks,   Foreign Exchange,   Insurance,   Investment Consultants,   Money Transfer Services,   Mortgages,   Others
Communications & Electronics
Cellphone & pager,   Computer Retail,   Internet,   Telecommunication Equipment,   Telephone Companies,   Web design
Business Service & Manifacture
Advertising & Marketing,   Auctioneers,   Business Consultants,   Customs Brokers,   International Trading,   Investigation,   Machinery Manufacturers,   Moulding & Equipment,   Packaging,   Storage,   Translators & Interpreters
Media and Broadcast
Advertisement Design,   All-around Websites,   Broadcasting,   Newspapers/Megazines,   Printing & Pre-Press,   Publishers,   Signs,   Television
Government Agencies & Embassy
Civic Government,   Embassies,   Federal Government,   Police Stations,   Provincial Government
Associations & Organizations
Associations,   Chamber Of Commerce,   Charitable Organizations,   Countryman Associations,   Religion Organizations,   Social Service Organizations
Cemeteries,   Feng Shui & Fortune Tellers,   Funeral Homes & Monuments,   Others
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